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Here are other some ways to contribute. Choose which one suits you best.
Please note that items (2), (3) and (4) below are only applicable to Brazilian residents.

1. GODPARENT CONTRIBUTOR - Monthly donation to finance a child's basic needs and contribute to his/ her development in terms of education and socialization, as well as medical, dental and psychological assistance , or Sporadic contributor. Donate any amount according to your possibilities. Contact us to know how to make your contribution: tel. (5511) 5049.1502 or
e-mail: lardocaminho@lardocaminho.org.br

2. FUMCAD (Municipal Fund for Children and Adolescent Rights) - Fiscal Incentive. You may direct part of your income tax due to a social project. Managed by CMDCA (Municipal Council for Children and Adolescents Rights) of the City of Juquitiba, where Lar do Caminho is located. See further information

3. NOTA FISCAL PAULISTA (consumer invoice) - Fiscal incentive
You may donate part of the turn over tax charged on sale of goods and services rendered (ICMS tax) to a non-profit organization like Lar Do Caminho. See how to

4. VOLUNTEER - Take part in the program "De olho em SP" (Eye on São Paulo) Within this program every Saturday a group of 10 children is taken to a cultural and leisure tour in São Paulo. The children are guided by volunteer friends who take them to parks, theaters, museums, movies and places of interest according to their age group. Are you interested? Check how to participate

Our children thank you!